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Echo — The main character. A Doll who begins, in her mind-wiped state, to become self-aware.

Adelle DeWitt — Beautiful, sophisticated, cold as an alp. Runs the Dollhouse with an efficiency that is both ruthless and protective. Would die before she showed anyone how lonely she is.

Paul Smith (or Paul Ballard)[19] — An FBI field agent, he's been chasing the urban myth of the "Dollhouse" long enough to have lost any shot at promotion. Becomes obsessed with, and twisted romantic foil for, Echo.

Topher Brink - Genius programmer who's articulate, nerdily attractive, and blithely amoral. He's responsible for imprinting the dolls — and making sure they stay unaware of anything. Is fascinated by the science and kind of digging the illegality. Fun to be around, but might not be remotely trustworthy.

Sierra - A Doll like Echo, she has every personality in the world but her own. Is not as self-aware as Echo, but is instinctively drawn to her as a friend.

Victor - A Doll, and the other closest thing to a friend Echo has. Childlike when he's inactive, and everything from Errol Flynn to (young) DeNiro when he's active.

Boyd Langton - An ex-cop, Boyd is Echo's 'handler' - her guard/bodyguard. Hates himself for taking this job, but he'd lay down his life to protect the people he feels he's exploiting.

Dollhouse Trailer

DOLLHOUSE focuses on a secret organization that employs "Actives" -- a group of operatives who have their memories and personalities wiped clean so they can be imprinted with new ones, allowing them to take on various missions for hire. DOLLHOUSE airs Mondays (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) this January on FOX.

Kimi Lassek username/password

A comment on the Future on Fox blog from "Kimi Lassek" revealed the username/password combination to access Adelle's email: adelle/wipe.

Joss Whedon's Dollhouse spawns an Alternate Reality Game?

"Attention Joss Whedon & Eliza Dukshu fans! Can't wait for the premiere of Dollhouse this fall? Joss Whedon has just launched an official Alternate Reality Game for the series! Fans recently discovered the trailhead via a username/password posted as a comment on an official Fox blog, which gains access to an email box that seeds the game's plot!"

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